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Summer Tips

For most of us, summer brings back reveries of sunny beaches, melting popsicles, picnics in the park and lots of fun. But as a homeowner, before you dive into the merriment, there are a few steps to take to prepare your home for the heat!

When Leaving for Vacation

If you are leaving for an extended vacation this summer, we've got some tips to keep your home secure.

Pest Control 

The combination of warmer temperatures and moist conditions from rain and an increase in humidity makes the perfect recipe for a potential termite infestation. Homeowners can take several environmentally friendly steps to prevent termite infestations and minimize the risk of damage, including...



Landscaping is a science. Whether it's greening up your grass, planting pretty flowers or making sure your sprinklers are in working order, we could all use some pointers!

General Home Maintenance

When summer is approaching, it's especially important to focus on the exterior of your home as it's just gone through winter and is preparing for summer heat. 

Image by NASA

Hurricane Preparation

The peak threat for the Texas coast exists from August through September. However, hurricanes can and have struck the Texas coast during every month of the hurricane season.




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